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Using this free PDF to WORD converter is a great solution when you want to save time and money. You can easily upload your PDF documents to begin converting them into standard WORD files. It’s easy, secure and quick to use, providing you the best results to convert files from a large selection of formats.

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Powerful tool that makes it easy

The use of online tools like PDF to WORD Converter simplifies users when carrying out a number of everyday actions. It’s easy to trust the tool due to the high performance that delivers in all situations.

While the program name represents the function of going from PDF to WORD, this free, online access tool, has more possibilities of conversion. It is possible to convert PDF files to other formats and vice versa, including support for Excel and even PowerPoint files.

Fast, Free and Effective PDF to Word Converter

The tool can be used in everyday routines. For example, it is a good option to transform a resume from one format to another. Not all companies are flexible to receive files regardless of the format, so in seconds PDF to WORD Converter will convert your file to the necessary extension.

In your work it's possible to find PDF files that cannot be edited. Converting to Word files will be a way to solve the problem, because you'll have the choice to edit the file to your pleasure. This is also a good choice for situations where it is necessary to move a document to a device such as a mobile phone or a tablet, in which the range of compatibility is not absolute. Converting the file with PDF to WORD Converter to another extension will solve your problem.

Constantly updated tool

PDF to WORD Converter is updated for the latest versions of supported files. Whenever there is a new version of PDF or Word, the tool is always updated to maintain compatibility. This range of compatibility goes beyond and also covers other types of extensions which enhances the user experience. The plain text formats TXT, Excel, PowerPoint or HTML are supported for a better use of the tool.